Scott Newman
October 28, 2021

Staircase Refinishing Restores with Buff and Coat Treatment

Healthy Hardwood Floors: Staircase Refinishing

Hardwood staircases offer a stunning look that no other floor covering provides. Matching stair risers to rich and warm tones creates a sought-after effect and is on trend with today’s home decorating styles. Investing in installing hardwood stairs is a smart choice for homeowners. Choosing dark wood combined with white trim and stair risers is popular for a modern look. Natural wood stairs with black metal railings is also popular for those seeking a traditional decor. Glossy, high-polished floors create a clean shine that is sure to attract attention in any home.

Many homeowners are now looking to rip up their carpeted stairs to find once-beautiful hardwood hidden underneath. Old hardwood has a charm and character that years of wear provide.

There is an easy way to restore old hardwood steps to their once glorious shine – without the hassle of replacing them. Replacing hardwood stairs can be costly. Staircase refinishing by professional flooring contractors is the solution for those looking to revamp old and dull hardwood steps.

Common causes of wear on hardwood include scratches, dents and wear, reducing its original luster to dullness. One of the benefits of hardwood flooring that no other covering boasts is the ability to refinish. Repairing deep grooves and significant damage is possible by refinishing. Ripping up old carpet and installing new hardwood floors? Match the hardwood stairs by refinishing and staining to create a seamless look.

For minor damage and wear, there is a method of staircase refinishing that is less invasive and leaves floors looking brand new. With a buff and coat treatment (also referred to as scratch and coat) professional flooring specialists use a gritty screen.

This pad is less abrasive than sandpaper and used to create a texture on the surface of hardwood stair treads. Then, they refresh the stairs using a urethane or polyurethane coating. They finish the job by buffing and polishing the staircase. Less dust, less mess and less cost! Not only does this method repair minor scratches and scuffs, but it is a great way to maintain the health of your hardwood staircase. By using this treatment, you prevent the need for refinishing to repair serious damage in the future.

Hardwood Staircase: Cleaning and Refinishing

Caring for hardwood stairs is no different than caring for floors. Cleaning hardwood is easy, especially when compared to carpet. Dust is easily swept away and pesky spills and marks cleaned up in no time. Many floor cleaning products boast a specialized formula to refresh and polish floors. Buyer beware! Products that suggest they work on all polished floors are likely not suitable for hardwood floors.

Avoid using products that work with ceramic tile or laminate flooring as they contain ammonia. Ammonia will discolor, deteriorate and dull the finish. Another series of products to avoid are refinish or refreshers. These items actually apply urethane or polyurethane coatings to floors. And steam cleaners are also not suitable for hardwood floors.

The moisture from the steam will absorb into the wood, causing it to swell and warp. You should also never use oil soap when caring for hardwood floor, which will leave a residue on the stairs, dulling the surface and attracting more dirt and grime. Instead, invest in products that are specifically made for cleaning hardwood floors. Companies like Bona make specialized cleaning products that enhance the natural qualities of hardwood floor. You took the time to install a beautiful hardwood staircase, now invest in protecting it with the correct maintenance methods.

Staircase Refinishing: Don’t Do It Yourself

Common causes for minor scratches to hardwood staircases include pebbles and rocks caught in shoes, enthusiastic pets with long nails and lively kids playing with toys. Buff and coat treatments can eliminate flaws caused by these and used on hardwood floors as well as stairs. Choosing a contractor with a specialty for hardwood staircase refinishing will add years to the health of your flooring.

Homeowners may be worried about the cost of refinishing their hardwood staircases and attempt to finish the job themselves. This do-it-yourself alternative to professional refinish work has a detrimental effect on hardwood staircases. The buff and coat scratch pad are typically unable to remove this layer from the surface of the wood.

As a result, you would have to invest in a full refinish treatment to get the stairs back to their original shine. Buff and coat refinish treatments will not work if the flooring is too damaged or refreshed, and the urethane coating will not adhere to the staircase. So avoid causing irreparable damage to your floors that could end up costing you thousands of dollars in excess because, with that much damage, an easy refinishing will no longer suffice and will require a complete replacement.

Choose Service, Expertise for Staircase Refinishing

It’s true that finding a good contractor is hard work. The Internet provides consumers with a wealth of information, and it’s hard to know where to start. Once you find a contractor that will take on your staircase refinishing project, it’s hard to have confidence when your phone calls aren’t returned, appointments are missed and you feel as though you’re chasing the contractor to finish the job. We live in a customer service-driven world with high expectations of the products and services we buy.

Imagine then dealing with a team of customer service specialists that handle all the questions, all the scheduling and all of the logistics of your staircase refinishing job. The team works with clients, assessing their needs and pull from a list of top-notch hardwood flooring specialists with rave reviews and a penchant for high-quality work. Sounds too good to be true? A successful hardwood flooring and staircase installation company is wowing customers with this model in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). This savvy approach is leaving its mark in clients’ homes all over the GTA.

Review sites like HomeStar and Houzz are posting testimonials that connect with new potential clients. These sites are great for those looking to have professional staircase refinishing work completed in their own homes. With service like this, there is no need to replace hardwood stairs. Refinish and maintain healthy-looking stairs by using buff and coat treatments and maintain gorgeous stairs and floors daily with proper cleaning techniques.

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