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Unravel The Artistry Of Wood

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Since its inception, NewRidge Refinishing Group has epitomized excellence, precision, and unwavering dedication to top-tier craftsmanship. As an esteemed entity in the realms of hardwood flooring, flooring installation, and refinishing services, we have become your trusted experts within Southern Ontario. Our certified and experienced team is skilled in transforming spaces, wielding an intricate understanding of the delicate art of floor refinishing. We consider every hardwood floor installation not just as a job but as an opportunity to create a masterpiece.

Our vast experience, coupled with our expertly refined methods, enable us to approach each project with meticulous attention to detail, transforming ordinary floorboards into woody hardwood marvels. Our services encompass everything from the installation of new hardwood flooring to the careful restoration and refinishing of existing hardwood floors. We also specialize in professional buffing and sanding, ensuring a perfectly finished, lustrous sheen that enhances the allure of our customers wood floors for years to come.

NewRidge Refinishing Group understands the significance of your spaces. That’s why we commit to a hassle-free experience, blending your vision with our expertise to create floors that echo your style and values. Whether you’re aiming to restore the original elegance of your hardwood floor in Toronto or embarking on a new hardwood floor installation project in Hamilton, we are here to transform your dreams into reality.

Making Hardwood Floor Installation And Refinishing In Ontario 100% Effortless

The harsh reality is that hiring a contractor can often feel like a gamble, with homeowners potentially losing big. You can pour endless hours into researching online, comparing multiple quotes, and yet, you might still land a contractor ill-equipped to handle your hardwood floor project. With NewRidge Refinishing Group, the narrative takes a different turn. We comprehend the emotional and financial investment involved when you decide to enhance your living spaces with hardwood floors. Our commitment runs deep—we aim to deliver results that not only meet but also exceed your expectations.

Our mission is to disrupt the cycle of unfortunate experiences with contractors. With us, you are not merely hiring a service provider, but you are partnering with a team that treats your home as if it were our own. Every job, from wood floor installation to hardwood floor repairs, is executed with a level of respect and professionalism that reflects our company’s core values.

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Our Process

  1. Find out the approximate cost Send us pictures of your floors, stairs and approximate square footage and we wit provide you with an estimate within 24 hours
  2. Schedule an in-home assessment We’ll come to vour home, learn more about your wishes, discuss ideas and recommendations and provide a quote.
  3. Project scheduling We’ll provide you with a clear timeframe around the rollout of the work so that you have insight into what to expect

Finding a reliable hardwood flooring or floor refinishing company can be a daunting task. A job not done right can cost you additional time, money, and lead to dissatisfaction. A lack of clear communication can lead to unmet expectations, a situation every homeowner wishes to avoid.

However, with NewRidge Refinishing Group, your concerns are well-addressed. We are a top-rated company known for restoring hardwood floors and installing new ones across Toronto and Southern Ontario. Our reputation is built on our unwavering professionalism, commitment to customer satisfaction, and ability to deliver immaculately refinished hardwood floors.

Choosing us means selecting quality, a dedicated team, and a seamless experience. Let NewRidge Refinishing Group turn your dream home into a reality, ensuring your hardwood floor installation or hardwood floor refinishing project in Ontario is not a gamble but a guaranteed success. Our experience, which presents a lot of hardwood floor projects successfully completed, speaks for itself. We are here to bring your vision to life, one beautifully refinished floor at a time. Our certified and insured company offers you the premium guarantee of our services and precautions taken to ensure a proper hardwood floor installed properly.

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