Embarking on a hardwood floor installation project can be both exhilarating and daunting. As seasoned experts in installing and restoring hardwood floors across Toronto and Southern Ontario, we understand the importance of a structured approach to ensure that every homeowner achieves the best possible outcomes with their new hardwood flooring. Selecting the right type of hardwood floor is a pivotal first step, as it sets the tone for your home’s aesthetic and impacts everything from durability to maintenance requirements.

The installation process itself requires careful planning and precision, which is why we have compiled a comprehensive guide that outlines not only the diverse types of hardwood floors you can choose from but also the specific tools and materials you will need. By demystifying the installation steps, our goal is to equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions, whether you’re doing it yourself or overseeing the process.

After your beautiful hardwood floors are installed, maintaining their elegance is key. We will share tried-and-true tips to help you keep your floors looking as pristine as the day they were installed. Through this guide, you’ll gain not only practical insights into the process but also expert advice on long-term maintenance. Follow these steps to transform your space with confidence and craft floors that stand the test of time.

Choosing the Right Type of Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

Selecting the ideal hardwood flooring for your home involves considering both aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. One must ponder the overall look desired along with the durability needed, depending on different house zones subject to heavy foot traffic. Hardwood floors come in a variety of species, each bearing unique grains, natural patterns, and colours that can profoundly influence the ambiance of a room. Oak, maple, and walnut are top choices due to their hardiness and classic appearance, which complement a wide range of interior designs.

The finish of the hardwood also plays a critical role in both its appearance and maintenance ease. From glossy to matte, each finish offers distinct benefits and conversely needs specific care practices. Glossy finishes, for instance, tend to showcase more scrapes and scratches compared to their matte counterparts, but they can also add a vibrant glow to spaces that benefit from added brightness. Hence, we diligently help our customers navigate through these choices, ensuring that the selection not only enhances their home aesthetically but also suits their lifestyle and daily routines.

Tools and Materials Needed for Hardwood Floor Installation

Proper installation of hardwood flooring requires meticulous preparation and the right tools and materials to ensure that everything fits seamlessly and securely. Firstly, the sheer basics such as measuring tape, a good quality saw, and a hammer are indispensable. Additionally, for the more intricate tasks, specialized tools such as floor nailers, drills, and tapping blocks are crucial to ensure the planks are securely positioned and not damaged during installation.

The materials list extends beyond just the hardwood planks. Essential supplies also include underlayment, which aids in noise reduction and moisture protection, and adhesives if opting for glue-down installation. It’s equally important to have wood filler available to address any mismatches or gaps. For a smooth process, we always recommend compiling a comprehensive checklist of all necessary items ahead of time, based on the specific type of hardwood floor and the chosen method of installation. This preparatory step prevents delays and ensures that our installation team can focus on delivering excellent results without hindrance. By providing a complete toolkit and carefully selected materials, we make certain that your new hardwood floor is installed flawlessly, achieving a professional finish with longevity.

Detailed Steps for Installing Your Hardwood Floors

Installing hardwood floors is a precise process that, when done correctly, rewards you with beautiful and long-lasting results. We begin by ensuring the subfloor is smooth, dry, and level, as any irregularities can affect the final outcome. After the subfloor preparation, we lay down an underlayment that acts as a moisture barrier and helps reduce noise. This step is crucial, especially in high-traffic areas of your home.

The next phase involves the careful placement and securing of each hardwood plank. Starting from the furthest corner of the room, we methodically install each plank, ensuring tight seams and uniform alignment. Using a floor nailer, we secure each piece into place, periodically checking for evenness across the surface. Once all pieces are laid down, any necessary trimming around the edges of the room is completed to accommodate the room’s dimensions, ensuring a neat fitting.

Post-Installation Tips to Maintain Your New Hardwood Floors

Once your new hardwood floor is installed, maintaining its beauty and durability is straightforward with a few simple practices. First, it is essential to protect the wood from scratches by using furniture pads under legs of tables, chairs, and sofas. This minimizes indentations and wear from daily use. Regular cleaning should be gentle—vacuuming with a soft-bristle attachment or sweeping with a soft broom to remove dirt and grit that can scratch the surface.

For deeper cleaning, use a cleaner specifically designed for hardwood floors; avoid using water or steam mops, as moisture can damage wood over time. Additionally, maintaining a stable indoor humidity level will help prevent the wood from expanding and contracting, which can lead to warping. Seasonal changes can affect wood’s natural movement, so it’s crucial to monitor these environmental factors closely.


Hardwood floors are a classic choice that add elegance and value to your home. By choosing the right type of wood, preparing properly for the installation, and following through with correct maintenance practices, your hardwood floor will look stunning and last for many years. We take pride in ensuring that every aspect of the flooring installation process is handled with precision and care.

If you require hardwood installation services, trust us to deliver expert services tailored to your specific needs. Reach out today and let NewRidge Refinishing Group help you enhance the beauty and functionality of your home with top-quality hardwood flooring solutions.