Hiring A Contractor Can Be A Huge Risk.

The fact is that hiring a contractor is a gamble… and most homeowners lose BIG. You can spend hours and hours researching online and getting multiple quotes—and STILL not find a hardwood contractor qualified to handle your project.

And even when you do eventually settle on someone, you can’t be sure he’s as good as he says he is. Contractors who don’t “walk the talk” are a dime a dozen.

That’s why our services are a breath of fresh air. We partner with some of the best independent hardwood contractors in southern Ontario. We've done all the research for you so you can move forward with confidence.


Making the Process 100% Effortless.

When I started NewRidge Refinishing Group in 2007, I was taking a huge gamble.

One I was willing to take because there was a huge need. Because you deserve to work with professional contractors with confidence.

Now you simply contact Newridge Refinishing and we pair you with one of the contractors we have already screened and proven to provide excellent craftsmanship in your home.

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Questions Regarding Our Company

How Does Your Company Operate?

We partner with a group of professional, elite craftsmen who each specialize in specific types of flooring projects. Based on your exact needs and what you want to accomplish, we pair you with the perfect contractor on our team. In addition, we handle the communication-aspects of the project to ensure you the quickest, clearest response.

Wouldn't It Be Easier To Just Go Straight To The Contractor?

No. You could contact a contractor yourself, but you won’t know if said contractor truly has the ability to complete your project. That means you could spend weeks hunting for the right contractor for your project. Or, you could contact NewRidge Refinishing Group to match you to the perfect contractor within 24 hours. We also handle the customer-service stuff contractors are typically bad at. This means you get quick responses and ZERO surprises.

How Does Your Pricing Model Work?

We collect a fee from the contractor after they perform your project and you pay them. This not only benefits us… but the contractor and YOU as well. Since we find work and handle the customer relations for our partners, they are able to drastically reduce their overhead in these departments. As a result, we keep our prices reasonable to ensure you get the hands-down best value for your money. It’s win-win-win.

Why Not Just Go To A Flooring Store?

Flooring stores tend to apply high sales pressure and provide low-quality workmanship and service. All you need to do is perform and internet search on just about any flooring store and you’ll be bombarded with bad reviews from unsatisfied customers. At NewRidge Refinishing Group, we provide stellar workmanship, fantastic customer service, and a low-pressure experience. Read our HomeStars page to see why over 200 of our customers LOVE doing business with us.

Why Do Customers Hire You?

The peace of mind KNOWING they are getting a quality contractor; 2) we offer quick, responsive service that ordinary flooring companies don’t have the resources to provide. Read our Reputation page to see just how much our customers love working with us. Then check out our Why Choose Us page for more details on how we deliver a masterful flooring or stair project.

Why Have I Never Heard Of Anything Like This Before?

Simply put, because no one else is doing what we’re doing. We’ve created a unique business process that GUARANTEES you the perfect contractor for your project and the absolute best, most responsive customer service.


Questions Regarding Our Flooring Practices

Do You Have To Remove Baseboards/Quarter Round Trim Before Installation?

If you plan to have new Baseboards/Quarter Round installed, then it is recommended that the existing mouldings be removed before sanding takes place. If not, it is not always necessary to remove the existing mouldings.

What Kind Of Power Connection Do You Require? Do You Need Access To My Circuit Breaker?

Sanders that are not hooked up to electricity properly are highly dangerous. To ensure safety, our main wood-floor sander requires a 220 volt (40 AMP) connection. Our crews are comprised of professionals who know the proper techniques and use the suitable equipment needed to ensure a safe connection. In some cases, electricians need to be brought in to perform a proper hookup if one is not already available.

I Notice Scuffs/Stain Marks On The Baseboards Or Quarter Rounds. What Can You Do About This?

Proper protection and touch up of the baseboards and quarter rounds are usually the homeowner’s responsibility. If you would like us to touch them up for you, we would be happy to discuss your options.

What Is The Difference Between Stain And Finish?

Stains are used primarily to provide color for your floor and also provide a small amount of protection. Floor finish differs from stain because it contains protective resins and imparts only minimal color to the floor. It is not always necessary to apply stain to a floor, but applying finish is always required.

Can I Stay In My Home During The Refinishing Process?

This depends on a few things. The scope of your project is usually the primary factor. If your entire home’s hardwood floors are to be refinished—including the connecting hallways and stairs—it may be practical to schedule time away from home during the project timeframe. On the other hand, if your project is limited only to select areas of your home, remaining in your home may be possible. Sensitivity to your choice of finish or stain may also influence your decision.

Can I Refinish My Engineered Floors?

Yes. Professional sanding may result in a loss of 1/32 of an inch; therefore, with a 2mm veneer, you can sand 1-2 times. Refinishing floors will void the wear warranty.

What Are The Differences Among Wood Grades?

Firstly, the grade of a wood floor does not determine its quality. “Grade” refers to the appearance of the planks. Here are the most common grades of wood:

Clear Grade: “Clear” in regards to the uniformity of color and pattern, as well as the lack of blemishes and defects. Used mostly in mouldings and joinery (door frames, for example) for a clean look. Not used much with hardwood flooring.

Select & Better Grade: Also known as Prime, 1st, or AB Grade. Select has more diverse colors and grains than Clear Grade, allowing more character to come through. Used for floors with a refined, clean finish.

Quarter Sawn Select & Better: Quarter Sawn has uniform grain texture and mild color variations. Small, non-contrasting restored knots are admitted on planks stained in a dark color (as long as they don’t stand out against the floor surface).

Number 1 Common Grade: Sometimes called Natural or 2nd Grade. Marks, streaks, and knots vary more from plank to plank. Used if you want a natural, non-uniform look for your floors.

Number 2 Common Grade: Sometimes known as Mill-Run, Rustic, or 3rd Grade. Pieces vary widely from plank to plank in terms of color, grain, and blemishes. This is the wood you want if you desire a gorgeous patchwork pattern.

Can You Do Isolated Or Spot Repairs To My Hardwood?

We do not do isolated repairs that involve spot sanding and staining. We can only the entire floor area (or room) is completely refinished. If the wood is pre-finished and you have the exact same boards left over or you can supply the exact match on your own then we can take the damaged boards out and put new ones in. Please be aware min. charges will apply no matter how small the repair work is.

How Do Humidity Levels Affect Hardwood Floors?

Controlling the humidity in your home is extremely important in maintaining your wood floors. In the summer, excess humidity can cause your wood floors to swell. In the winter, the dryness can make the wood shrink, creating gaps between the floor boards.

Relative humidity levels should be a consistent 40%-50% throughout the year. To keep humidity in check during the summer, use your air conditioning or dehumidifier to maintain proper humidity levels. In the winter, use a humidifier to increase humidity to prevent the wood from shrinking.

You can easily (and inexpensively) check the humidity levels in your home with a hygrometer. You can find one at many retailers for $10-$20. They are a fantastic investment to keep your floors in great shape.

What Is The Best Way To Clean My Hardwood Floors?

The key thing to remember when cleaning hardwood floors is to be gentle. Hardwood floors are more delicate than vinyl or ceramic floors, so they need less abrasive cleaning methods. Here are the dos and don’ts of hardwood-floor cleaning:

What To Avoid

- Commercial cleaners like Mr. Clean and Pine Sol that aren’t specifically made for hardwood

- Cleaners that are made for ceramic or vinyl flooring

- Steam cleaner mops, which can wear out the urethane coating your wood floors

- Too much liquid/water, which can cause your wood floors to buckle or warp

What To Use

- “Light” cleaners that aren’t as harsh as vinyl or ceramic floor cleaners. Some good hardwood floor cleaners include Bona (most recommended by our partners), ZAP, and Rejuvenate, which can be found at home-improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes

- Micro-fiber or soft-sheet mops that allow you to spray a light amount of solution on specific spots. The Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop is a quality product that lets you use your own solution


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